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What is Food Day?

Aimed at promoting healthy, sustainable, affordable, and just food systems in America, Food Day is a national grassroots mobilization backed by some of the most prominent voices in the food movement. On October 24, 2011, people will gather at events big and small from coast to coast in homes, schools, colleges, churches, city halls, restaurants, farmers’ markets, supermarkets, and elsewhere to raise awareness about food issues and advocate for change. Think of it as an Earth Day for food!

Food Day is organized around six main policy goals:

1. Reduce obesity and diet-related disease by promoting healthy foods
2. Support sustainable family farms and cut subsidies to large farms
3. Eliminate food deserts by providing access to healthy and affordable food
4. Protect the environment and farm animals by reforming factory farms
5. Promote children’s health by curbing junk-food marketing aimed at kids
6. Obtain fair pay for food and farm workers

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